Lockeland Table Community Kitchen and Bar is nestled into the historic neighborhood of its namesake in East Nashville. Woven into its very fabric are elements of the community, history and camaraderie that make up its charm. From the reconstructed storefront to resemble the original 1930s H.G Hills dry goods store, to the center wall built by friends and family, to the comforting dishes paying tribute to Chef Hal’s upbringing, it all represents a piece of Lockeland Table’s foundation.

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To protect the integrity of the food at Lockeland Table, we do not allow any delivery or to-go services.

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Our dishes are identifiable to the food we loved growing up, but crafted into an exquisite and delightful experience far from most mothers’ kitchen tables.

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Mayor Megan Barry’s Food Saver Challenge

We’re a proud participant in Mayor Megan Barry’s Food Saver Challenge, an effort to reduce food waste. We work with Compost Nashville and also recycle plastics, aluminum, cardboards, glass, and oil making us a 90% trash free restaurant. If you are interested in any of these services, but don’t know who to contact, feel free to call us.


“The place is a top to bottom testament to East Nashville’s community roots: everything has a story and the theme of preservation runs deep.” – BBC

“Chef Holden-Bache doesn’t disappoint on his new adventure in the culinary world.” – The Examiner

The result is a repertoire that’s as balanced in style as it is in content, with counterpoints of rustic and refined, sweet and savory, crisp and custardy, all conspiring to create a consistently excellent meal.” – Nashville Scene



Monday – Saturday, 4:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.

Come visit us for community hour, where a portion of our proceeds benefit Lockeland Design Center PTO. Snacks, drinks and kids menus available.


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