Take More of Lockeland Home with You

People may not realize, we packaged the Chimichurri without cooking it. That maintains the integrity of this recipe as not needed…. all ingredients used are raw.

It’s hard to believe that next month Lockeland Table will be celebrating our 4th birthday. We are truly honored and grateful to own a business in this day and age.

Last year, Cara and I along with Epiphany Creative Services spent a lot of time writing the Lockeland table book—which turned out very lovely and we are happy with the results. To be able to write a book three years into a business was just amazing. The fact that we were able to do it, and that we did do it, is quite an accomplishment as well as a blessing.

lockeland_table_productsIn 2016, we began the process and the act of creating a product line. It has been yet another very large project that Epiphany helped us with. We did the research first with an hour long 4-way phone call with a well-respected local co-packer that in time referred us to the person she felt would help us the best. We then sorted through all of the information we had been collecting and schedule a field trip to a co-packing kitchen where we took samples of our products for PH testing. We took a good look at the workload all that would be required to move us down this road.

At first it seemed like just another task of working toward a goal. But then came the recipe testing, and the measuring and working out the logistics of getting the ingredients. Then there was the determining of which parts the co-packer handle and which tasks we’d retain in house. We had to select the jars and lids, and create the branding and the labels. The avatar, which is one of my favorite parts, is now part of the label. The fact that we branded our book and our product line with similar appearance was important to us.

There were hundreds of decisions to be made. There is so much more that goes into this process than one can imagine.

But when the first finished product arrived, it was like when I took a finished book copy home for the first time and held it and finally had time to really read it. What that meant to me…, let us just say there were similar emotions while developing this product line.

The Products
We’re excited to have on our shelves, our Smoked Peach Jam, our Red Pepper Jam and my Chimichurri. People may be surprised to learn I have been making my special recipe since I was 18 years old—and, I turned 41 this year. Just the history of the chimi alone, how many people it has brought a smile to over the years (and the fact that I never wanted to cook it, in order to package it, as I didn’t want to ruin the integrity of the product), then having been able to find the person that was able to do that for us? It’s a very special moment.

The thought of being able to package my recipes, just like the thought of opening a restaurant, was one of those things that I had been thinking about for years. But, to actually be given the opportunity to make that vision a reality, it was quite a proud moment for me.

The point is, for people to be able to purchase these items, for guests to be able to take their evening experience home with them is an extremely proud moment for me and something I am very excited about.

Be looking for other upcoming yummy canned goods from Chef’s Kitchen. Stay tuned.


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