Holidays with the Lockeland Table Family

LT Christmas Tradition: We adopt a family every year. This year we have a family of six. Cara makes a list of what each person needs and hangs it in the kitchen. The staff chooses what they want and circles or initials the items they will purchase. The staff gets excited about that. We’re also […]

Just like in cooking…it’s all about the preparation.

Table Tip: When cooking, it’s all about how your prepare before you begin. The time you take to research and organize are what makes the difference in your final presentation. Just like in cooking…it’s all about the preparation. Chef Danny and I recently returned from the World Championships. The preparation that happened behind the scenes […]

Staying Sharp: A behind-the-scenes look at the world of chefs & competitions.

Going Whole Hog On Monday I got my child off to school, prepped for six hours, and then went out to the Greendoor Gourmet in preparation for the Friends of James Beard Foundation event – “Beards for Beard”. I got my food and constructed my menu. It was a busy day. We went out to […]


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