The Fatherland

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Includes: Autographed copy of our book Lockeland Table Community Kitchen & Bar, Smoked Peach Jam and Red Pepper Jam.

This holiday season will be tastier and more convenient than ever when your gifting list includes the Lockeland Table family of products. Your friends, family, and colleagues will enjoy these genuine tastes of Nashville—and best of all, Priority Mail will deliver direct to their door just in time for the holidays or that upcoming special occasion. When you give the gift of Chef Hal’s special recipes, you can rest assured that your gift will be appropriate and welcome in any setting. Easy online ordering offers you 24/7 accessibility and just knowing that we ship USPS anywhere nationally will give you peace of mind. Wrap up your holiday shopping this year by giving gifts that offer an East Nashville twist, and tell them Happy Holidays, from all of us at Lockeland Table.

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