Warm Hearts/Cool Plates

How a guest with extreme allergies ended up creating Lockeland Table’s proprietary stoneware. During the first year of Lockeland Table, my wife and I had a newborn at home; I was working six days a week and 14 hours a day. I worked the grill, the pizza station, and more. One night, during a very […]

A Day in the Life

We are well aware of the fact that eating at your favorite restaurant is a special experience. You call, make reservations, and prepare in advance for what you are going to order. You can just envision that special menu item or beverage that you are going to order as soon as you sit down and […]

Putting my money where my mouth is

We hear the word sustainable quite a bit these days, but I am not sure people understand the depth and the background associated with its definition. I can’t say that I fully understand it either. In my opinion, sustainability has become more of a marketing term. In actuality, it refers to not being harmful to […]

Take More of Lockeland Home with You

People may not realize, we packaged the Chimichurri without cooking it. That maintains the integrity of this recipe as not needed…. all ingredients used are raw. It’s hard to believe that next month Lockeland Table will be celebrating our 4th birthday. We are truly honored and grateful to own a business in this day and […]

The Seasons Change and So Do We

Kids, Spring and Tennessee’s #1 Industry Now that spring is here, people are naturally gravitating towards a healthier lifestyle. In the mental process of making this yearly transition, most start thinking about a healthier diet, exercise and getting more vitamin D from the sunshine. In the Lockeland Table cookbook I talk about the transition from […]


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